Dress, Missoni - Bag, Celine - Sandals, Balenciaga - Sunnies, Pifebo

Good afternoon people! How was your weekend? So I arrived in London yesterday. I can't remember having walked so many kilometers like I have in the last couple of days. I'm going from north to south, east to west like a crazy person. Haha! Tomorrow is my flight home and I'll be in Amsterdam for a while again. Just wanted to share you with you one more of my favorite spots on Ibiza. La Paloma. I think I have mentioned it before but it is worth pointing out again. This amazing lunch place is famous for it's biological food that tastes like heaven. Try the focaccia with goat cheese or lamb and you never want to eat anything else ever in your life. The place itself is, location between the orange trees, a must-see on its own so if you don't care for food just go there to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Besides, it's a great place to get your pictures taken ;) I hope you also like my outfit. I sure am loving this dress by Missoni and I can't wait to wear it again soon! Take care today Xxxx 



Dress, Opening Ceremony - Hat & shoes, Market - Sunnies, Le Specs

Good afternoon ladies :) How do you do? Just saying hi from New York where I'm situated now for a work trip. Totally love this place :) My journey continues towards London tonight where I will be staying for 3 more days. It's hard work and I'm exhausted at the end of the day but it is super cool to go these kinds of cities for work. I consider myself to be a very lucky girl :) Todays pictures are taken at La Escollera on Ibiza. This is my most favorite place to be and the place I want to get married. The view is breathtaking at this place, truly amazing. I took these pictures after the birthday lunch of my mother. We stayed there all day, listening to beautiful authentic Spanish music. Do you like my new dress?? I'm in love with it :) It's perfect for places and situations like this. Besides, I love white!! I hope you will enjoy todays inspiration. I'm off shopping again! See you soon Xxx 



Bikini, Triangl

Good afternoon! How's life today? Glad that it's almost weekend again? I'm on my way to New York at the moment for work, an inspirational trip sort to speak ;) Anyway, I got really depressed from the summer weather here in Amsterdam so I figured let's heat it up with some bikini shots I took during my time at Ibiza. Although I have seen tons of bikinis, the Triangl ones are still my favorite. Besides, it has leopard print on it, what else could a girl want... I would highly recommend you girls to get one for they are amazing! Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back soon for more inspiration. Ciao xxx



Hat, Brixton - Bag, Market - Shirt, G-SUS X LOWLANDS (here)- Denim, G-SUS - Sandals, Isabel Marant - Sunnies, Filippa K

Good afternoon people! How is life? Lots of you are probably going to Lowlands festival right? I can't :( I have to go on a work trip this weekend so I will be missing this cool weekend! In order to be, kind of, present I want to show you this outfit. For a special collaboration, G-SUS and Lowlands worked together to create an unique collection. The theme: under the radar is representative for the stylish-colorful and outstanding-prints in this collection. I think it is pretty cool that a festival organization and a clothing brand worked together to create something like this :) The collection has been available since the end of July and can be purchased here. So if you are still looking for that special Tee, Top or Sweater to finish off your festival outfit you should definitely check out this collection. For those who are going to Lowlands: have fun and go crazy! Ciao for now!! xxx