Dress, Forever21 - Short, Forever21 - Boots, Dr. Martens

Good morning ladies, how's life? As you can see, I’m al set for the summer :) The only thing that is keeping me from wearing outfits like this is that typical Dutch temperature. This city is so much better with a little bit of sunshine don’t you think? Whenever the sun allows me, I love to be outdoors. Usually, in the weekends, I start my day with a cup of coffee at de Wasserette in “de Pijp” region. This area is perfect to spend some morning hours at shops like Hutspot or Anna + Nina.  My new passion for interior design is satisfied after a visit to the amazing antique store at the Albert Cuyp market. A great place to gain some home inspiration. Another addiction of mine is buying plants and flowers to decorate my home with. The most beautiful florist is situated at Leidse Plein and I can’t help myself from paying that store a visit once a week. Whenever I feel down I love to go to de Bijenkorf at Dam Square. Their collection of designer bags always gets that smile back on my face ;) I’m really looking forward paying a visit to Forever 21’s new store at Rokin as well. The opening is this Saturday and I will definitely be there. Besides, the first 500 visitors will receive a voucher to spend €21, how nice is that :) Being a blogger I have the privilege to have a sneak preview earlier this week at the F21 VIP event. Don’t worry for I won’t be selfish and make some pictures to share on my Twitter & Instagram account for you girls to check out. Anyway, after a day like this I will be exhausted and most of all hungry as hell. What better way to end the day with a bbq and a glass of wine at one of my friend’s rooftops… That view of Amsterdam at sundown. PRICELESS!! I hope I will have a day like this soon again because I couldn’t be more ready… Have a great day today and I will be back soon. Xxx



Shirt, Comme des Garçon Play - Bag, Valentino - Hat, H&M - Pants, Paige Denim - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Hi you! How are you feeling this Sunday? Some time ago, as you might have seen on Instagram, I went to Paris together with my parents and baby sister. Oui oui, Paris is one of those places you just have to keep visiting because it is simply the most amazing city in the world :) I have spent most of my time at le Marais, my favorite arrondissement in Paris. This area is so great because of all its boutiques, cosy cafes and well dressed people :) Even more important, there is an Isabel Marant store... haha! I always pay that store a visit when I'm in Paris, an inspirational place if you ask me. Another must-go is the store of AprilMay :) In other words, I have been window shopping like a crazy woman again! A trip to Paris without having dinner at café Charlot is impossible, those fries... In the end we had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back again!! Have a nice day and see you soon! Xxx



HER: Denim, Pepe Jeans - Sweater, Maison Scotch - Sneakers, Chanel HIM: Shirt, Bershka - Denim, Pepe Jeans - Sneakers, Gourmet 

Hi there! How are you doing?? Meet my boyfriend :) He always helps me with my blog so now it's time to put him into the spotlight. His name is Ruben and we have been together for over two years now!! Normally he always picks and buys his own clothes but lately I've been influencing him a bit by buying him some cool stuff. The sneakers for example ;) Pretty cool right? Do you also style your boyfriend or does he have good taste by himself? For those girls without a boyfriend or with one who doesn't listen to you, you can borrow mine for now. Just once ;) Yes, he's all yours and you can do with him want you want... I'm talking about styling off course ;) In collaboration with Pepe Jeans you can pick the perfect outfit for my boyfriend here. By styling my boy, you can win a voucher for €300. Sounds like a good deal right? Go check it out and decide what will look best on him. Ciao for now!! xxx 

collaboration with Pepe Jeans & Fashiolista



Outfit, Forever21 - Sandals, Zadig et Voltaire

Hi there beauties! How are you doing today? I've got some great news! Forever 21 is coming to Amsterdam :) Saturday the 19th of April, their store at Rokin Plaza will open the doors for the first time. I always visit a Forever 21 store when I'm abroad but that won't be necessary anymore. Big fat LIKE for that!! Did you know that I started this blog when I was 21? I feel I have been doing this for ages already but it has only been 2 years… Time flies when you're having fun :) So, I was 21 and scrolling through the pictures on my laptop. Doing this, I noticed that I actually had a lot of cool pictures but wasted them by not using them for anything. Therefor, I decided it would be a great idea to share them with others, hoping I could inspire or at least entertain people with outfits and inspiration of my personal interest. At that time, and still today, I was checking out fashion blogs on a daily basis. Elin Kling, Man Repeller, in my opinion both amazing and inspiring blogs. The hell with it, I'm starting my own blog :) Together with my niece, I designed a logo and website in order to reveal my first ever blogpost. It has been a scary project at first but after receiving a lot of positive feedback I knew I made a good decision. That's how lizzyvdligt was born :) Comparing the first blogposts with my latest ones, you can see the changes I've been going through in those 2 years. Looks somewhat more professional nowadays ;) Anyway, this was something I did when I was 21 and I'm still very glad and proud that I did so. Take care today and I will be back soon for more fashion!! Xxx