Hi there! How are you doing today? As a blogger I take great care of what I wear on my feet. I normally adore wearing high heels or cool, Chanel, sneakers in combination with one of my outfits. However, there is an upcoming trent which we can't ignore and they are called sandals. I'm not just talking sandals, I'm talking Teva sandals. This is a brand that was founded years ago and managed to get people's attention along the way. These airy badboys have been traveling around the globe for decades already and are ready to be taken to the next level. I need you to show me where you want to take your Teva's this summer. What I would like to see is to get your feet into the race. I want to see your favorite photo, not necessarily wearing Teva, in which your feet are taking you or want to take you into paradise. I want to see your feet in a space ship taking you to Mars, dancing with Antonio Banderas or marching along with the elephants of Disney's Jungle book. All you need to do is add #OriginalSummer and prepare yourself to be a winner of a US road trip for two persons. So what are you waiting for?? Get creative girls and win this awesome trip. xxxx



Top, Zara - Denim, Zara - Sneakers, Adidas Stan Smith (here) - Bag, Chanel 

Good morning! How are you doing today? I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Copenhagen. That city is in my top favorites right now :) Anyway, I'm back in Amsterdam and I wanted to combine an outfit post with a new hotspot. Todays images are taken in bar Hutspot, which is situated at the van Woustraat. After opening two brilliant concept stores, the boys from Hutspot decided to start this awesome bar. As it is so close to my house you can often find me there for drinks and dinner :) I truly love this place. The bar is a great place for afternoon drinks and their food is super tasty and affordable. The menu consists of: antipasta, buratta, quinoa salade, hamburger and a-to-die-for cheesecake. The interior is, like you are used from Hutspot, a mix of all kinds of cool products. My favorite is the raw wall you find at one of its dining areas. Bar Hutspot is therefore a worthy addition to the neighborhood! So do you feel like visiting a new hotspot, go and check out this place for you will not regret it at all! Enjoy the pictures and I'll be back soon. Xxx



MBFWA, Mevan Kaluarachchi - Vodafone Firsts

Hi there. How are you doing today? Do you remember your first kiss? Your first holiday without your parents? Your first wine? Your first dance? There is a first for everything and that moment is something you will never forget. I always cherish my firsts. For example my first kiss with my boyfriend in one of Amsterdam's most awful discotheques 'De Kleine Cooldown'. I never go there but until today I'm very happy I went there once because of the fact that I met my boy there :) Sometimes you only get one opportunity, one chance that eventually changes your life forever. This is the same what Vodafone is doing to a lot of highly potential designers during Fashionweek in Amsterdam. Vodafone Fists Fashion Lab gives unknown Dutch designers the opportunity to express their talents by giving them the stage at Fashionweek. Isn't that an amazing gift?! I really enjoy these kinds of project for they will improve the Dutch fashion industry and maybe new international stars will be born. I went to the show of one of these designers: Mevan Kaluarachchi. The pieces that he showed to us looked freaking cool :) Although I normally don't go to see men's fashion designers I was very intrigued by his collection, which can be best described as casual cool. They were pieces one could actually wear. Thumbs up for his good work and I wish him all the best with his future career. There is one more thing I want to know from you: what is your first every experience that has changed your life dramatically?? Ciao for now xxx  


Hi guys! How are you feeling today? I wanted to share another week diary with you. All the pictures are from last week and to make it easier I numbered the pictures in order to explain them :) Have fun! 1. Me and my lovely friend on the beach in Cannes France, wearing my favourite shirt from Comme des Garçons Play (HERE2. The beautiful view from the Majestic Hotel in Cannes where I stayed during the line launch we kept with Scoth & Soda. 3. Perfect sunset during the Scotch and Soda beach party. 4. A cool taste of what the Scotch & Soda line launch looked like in the garden of this amazing chateau in the South of France! 5. New Stan Smith kicks (HEREon my favourite Carine Roitfeld book I got one tip for you, don't wear these sneakers without socks for your boyfriend doesn't want to massage your feet anymore ;) 6. I went for a run with my new Sennheiser headphone! Getting beach proof you know ;). I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of my life last week! Enjoy this beautiful day today! xxxx