Lizzy V.D Ligt



Me and my dear friend Yara from ChapterFriday had a little sleepover/slumber party! We both love talking about Sex and the city, boys, food & laughing all day long! Read everything about our little party at her website HERE! Enjoy Ladies xxx

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Hi Ladies! I just find out about this new German brand EDITED the label which is located online and just started to sell worldwide! They have a huge selection of such cool brands like: Samsoe & Samsoe, Tibi, Won Hundred and Zoe Karen! But I want to talk about EDITED the label,

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Hi Ladies, as some of you already know I’m one of the new ambassadors of ONEPIECE wiehoeee! I’m really proud to be one of their ambassadors because I love to wear comfortable clothes which look cool at the same time! It’s so easy and comfortable to wear and you don’t have

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High Culture | #1 Bootcamp op Hakken


Wiehoeeee!!! I can finally announce that I got my own online show in collaboration with Makerschannel! Unfortunately for my international followers I speak Dutch. Sorry no subs but still hilarious! Watch and (don’t) learn.
In High Culture word ik uitgedaagd om in bijzondere designer kleding de gekste opdrachten te doen. In de eerste aflevering ga ik

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lets talk fall


Hi there! Hope you are all doing fine. Let’s talk about fall! The thing I love about fall is that you can still sit outside (if it’s not raining) and enjoy your coffee in the fresh air! But it’s important to wear a warm winter coat and some super warm shoes. I

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