Goodmorning lovers! How are you doing today? Last weekend I was invited to come to London by Toni & Guy, together with Nathelie from the Dutch Vogue & Brigitte from Glamour magazine. We had an amazing weekend full of fashion, beauty and hair! We had the great opportunity to to be part of hair meet wardrobe by Toni & Guy. Therefore, we had backstage access to a lot of shows as you can see in the pictures ;) One of my favourites was the show of Matthew Williamson, he is such a great designer and everything looked so glamorous and chic! We stayed at the great Ham Yard hotel which just opened in London. Everything was just perfectly arranged by the great Laura of Winkelman & van Hessen PR. On the last day, we had a beautiful breakfast arranged by Toni & Guy with a long trend presentation by Mark Hampton which was really inspiring! More about that in my next diary! Stay tuned! Xxx



Wear them, dare them, abuse them, share them! You can do anything in a pair of Levis #liveinlevis

My Story:
Me and my trucker jacket by Levis. I go everywhere with my favorite trucker jacket by Levi's. I use it as a blanket during summerchillings in the park or when I go out and party all night long. It has seen many festivals, movies, restaurants, even fashion shows... My trucker follows me all around the world. It has been to more places than I have been because a lot of my friends love it as much as I do and have borrowed it many times already. This is my story about my favorite Levi's piece but I'm even more curious about yours. Share it with us and you might be joining me on the 1st of October for a really cool evening. Enjoy the video for some inspiration! Ciao for now  

Share your #liveinlevis story and I hope to see you there!



Book, IT By Alexa Chung (here- Candle, Diptique - Nail polish, Lauren B - Clutch, Rika - Make-up, YSL

Good morning this morning! How are you today? Picture this: you are home alone, or with a girlfriend, and you have this certain need to do some girly stuff. What do you need? Well, besides a lot of candy, popcorn and other unhealthy food, you need to have your essentials. Therefore, I want to share with you my essentials. First of all, I would light up my scented candles by Diptique to make the house smell fantastic and to create a lovely vibe. After I have done this, I put myself on the bench or bed and grab my Lauren B nail polish and get my hands and feet done. In the meanwhile, when the nail polish is drying, I'm browsing the awesome IT-girl book by Alexa Chung. Although I'm doing this all in my pajamas and I'm not planning on going out, I grab my make-up by YSL and practice some new techniques I find on youtube. I prefer to practice this on my baby sister or someone else, that's cause I'm not very talented in putting on make-up ;), but if those people are not around I use myself as test person. Writing this makes me feel like planning a kind of evening like this for myself real soon! I hope you will enjoy this post and I will be back soon! Xxx



Jacket, The Kooples - Shirt, Maison Scotch - Pants, Diesel - Boots, Zadig & Voltaire

Hi there you! How are you doing today? Personally, I had some difficulty getting up this Monday morning but after a cup of coffee I'm fine again :) Being a fashion blogger, people frequently ask me to describe my style. A difficult question to ask as someone's personal style is ever changing. I like my bohemian outfits, I like my chic outfits with heels but I also very much like my tough side of styling. Therefore, my style should be: "tough bohemian chic". If that even means something ;) I guess most of you know what I mean... Anyway, todays post is totally about my tough side of styling. Only thing missing in these pictures is my Harley Davidson and a bottle of whisky ;) I'm totally in love with my new shirt by Maison Scotch. I could wear it to a fancy dinner but it also looks perfect in an outfit like the above. Don't even get me started on my new leather jacket! Man I wish I could buy myself a leather jacket every week. I've showed you my tough side today and other styles will be online this week. Make sure you don't miss it! Have a great day, Xxx