Hi there! As promised, I present you my first Ibiza diary. So what do I do when I'm here on my favorite Island? Well, not much I can tell you ;) I normally wake up around 10 for breakfast at home or in the city. Sometimes, when I feel pumped ;), I go for a morning swim before. It's the perfect way to start the day fresh and fruity. What else... My family and I love to go on the boat to Formentera, so that happens a couple of times a week. We go out at 12 and return to the harbor around 8 or 9. It's so relaxing and calm on a boat. My boy recently bought some fishing gear and we started a competition so I'm a professional fisherwoman as well... Anyway, when I'm not sailing I love to visit the beach or take the car and drive around the Island. Although I have been coming here ever since I was a baby, I still manage to explore spots I haven't seen before. That's the magic of an island. Anyway, as you understand I don't do anything special or different than other people do when they are on holiday. I relax, sleep, eat, sleep some more, eat again, close my eyes one more time and try that one dish I haven't eaten yet. I'm kind of like a animal ;) Less is more you know! I hope you will enjoy this first diary and keep an eye out for there are more to follow! Xxxx



Dress, Rebel - Sunnies, Pifebo

Hi there from sunny Ibiza, How are you doing? I'm doing better than ever! I'm tanned, relaxed and I'm having the best time here on my favorite island! I have taken a day off from the sun in order to fix some things for my blog. Therefore, another post for you to enjoy! I borrowed this dress from my sister. White on a tanned body looks perfect doesn't it? This dress if from rebel and wearing it makes you feel like one ;) Further plans for today... Lunch and what happens next nobody knows. Damn I love holiday and a life without planning :) Take care and see you soon! xxx 



Bikini Top, Coconuts Republic (here)

Good morning people! Before I go to the boat I wanted to show you my new, very sexy, bikini by Coconuts Republic. I really like the bright yellow color on my brown skin :) Pretty cool right? I'm really enjoying my time here btw :) I'm preparing a huge diary about my time on this island, which I will be posting soon. So don't worry you'll get to see many more cool pictures... Take care today! xxx 



Hi there! How are you doing today? As a blogger I take great care of what I wear on my feet. I normally adore wearing high heels or cool, Chanel, sneakers in combination with one of my outfits. However, there is an upcoming trent which we can't ignore and they are called sandals. I'm not just talking sandals, I'm talking Teva sandals. This is a brand that was founded years ago and managed to get people's attention along the way. These airy badboys have been traveling around the globe for decades already and are ready to be taken to the next level. I need you to show me where you want to take your Teva's this summer. What I would like to see is to get your feet into the race. I want to see your favorite photo, not necessarily wearing Teva, in which your feet are taking you or want to take you into paradise. I want to see your feet in a space ship taking you to Mars, dancing with Antonio Banderas or marching along with the elephants of Disney's Jungle book. All you need to do is add #OriginalSummer and prepare yourself to be a winner of a US road trip for two persons. So what are you waiting for?? Get creative girls and win this awesome trip. xxxx