Hi everyone! A first on because normally I don't do this. Lately I was checking my bloglist and figured there are so many cool blogs I just have to share with you. The coming week I want to show you, in three parts, my favorite bloggers of the moment. Maybe you know them, maybe you don't but these are the girls I like to check out from time to time! Enjoy!! 

Betty is a French girl who besides her beautiful outfit pictures also loves to share the environment she visits. Her cute appearance makes me want to get back to her blog. I do have to use google translate in order to understand what she is writing about but I hope within two months this won't be necessary anymore! 

Besides a cool blogger she is also a trendy young mother who tends to surprise me all the time with her great sense of style. Born in the Netherlands but momentarily living in London, we share the same kind of expat life ;)

I know Liza from way back before we both started blogging. We both shared a great amount of passion for fashion from an early age and developed this into our own styles and blogs. I would describe her as a tough looking, grunge kind of blogger who shares whatever she thinks is interesting.

Evangelie owns a closet which should make all girls go crazy. I am super jealous of her beautiful collection. A true inspiration! For more Evangelie, check her out on Instagram where she shares even more fashion.

First of all, the legs!! I hope to wake up one day with such long beautiful legs like Camille. She keeps surprising me with her voluminous outfits. However, the simplicity of her looks is also something to admire! 

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  1. Het zijn leuke inspirerende blogs!

    Xo IDM

  2. Leuk!! De laatste kende ik nog niet dus ga ik gelijk even bekijken! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Leuke lijst, ik volg ze ook allemaal ;) xx

  4. Thanks! Heel leuk voor de verandering...
    De eerste kende ik nog niet, de rest behoren ook tot mijn daily reads.
    Benieuwd naar de rest!



  5. I follow all these blogs!! Love them!!

  6. Alle 5 bloggers hierboven staan ook bij mijn favorieten!

    xx Riëlle

  7. Love these bloggers!

  8. Liza ken ik niet, maar verder zijn dit ook echt enkele van mijn favoriete bloggers. Leuke post !
    new outfit post

  9. Ik kende inderdaad al.. en ook ik check regelmatig hun blogs!


  10. Leuke post!!

  11. I love evangelie she is soooo hot

  12. Heel leuk idee zijn echte leuke blogs ;).

  13. actualy if you want to follow betty easily you can found a version of her site where she write speaks english !