Amsterdam Open Air

Some snapshots from Amsterdam open air festival (weekend)! It was such a great festival.. Open Air see you next year! 
1. Daisy & me 2. My little sis & me 3. Hoee'laaa'hoee'pingg 4. The animal group 5. the gangsters ;) 6. Charlotte & me for H&M 7. Dancing on top of the world



Blazer, H&M - Shirt, Zara - Necklace, H&M - Boots, Sendra - Short, Zara - Sunnies, Ray Ban

 I'm so sorry for my lazy blog posts lately, but I'm just so tired. It was such a busy week at school. Now I finally have some free time, there is time for blogging! What do you guys think of my new hair/feather extensions?


blue sky

Blouse, H&M trend - Bag, Zara - Heels, Zara - Sunnies, H&M - Pants, Zara

Just a simple outfit, but so comfortable. Happy friday gangstarzzz!



Skirt, Zara - Top, River Island - Sunnies - Ray Ban

Me and my brother had a great time yesterday at La Escollera beach. We're enjoying a delicious dessert at the end of a great meal. Oh Yeah last but not least I bought a lot of new bracelets at a cute local market "rainbow around my wrist" :)


Es Xarcu

Skirt, Zara - Shirt, Zara - Gilet, Zadig et voltaire - Boots, Paul warmer - Bag, Zara - Sunnies, Ray Ban

I had a wonderful day at the beach. I'm thinking about staying here forever!!!! 



Lace dress, Dolce & Gabbana - Short, Zara - Sunnies, Ray Ban - Boots, Pan Tulipani

Hi everybody,
I'm enjoying a wonderful spring vacation at Ibiza with my friends & family but that doesn't stop me of making some snap shots. The feather girl in this post is my 15 year old sister, hope you all had a great vacation and otherwise enjoy your weekend.

''spring is nature's way of saying lets party"