El Chiringuito

Boots, Karma of Charme - Skirt, Jean Paul Gaultier - Top, H&M - Hat, Hippie Market

This is my first Ibiza post you guys, sorry for the delay! But after the stressful year I had and my exciting start in Paris this september, I decided to take a long break in Ibiza. I'll keep you posted with new inspiration, hopefully fully tanned ;)



Blazer, Chanel - Shirt, Zara - Pants, Paroush - Sneakers, Isabel Marant - Bag, Balenciaga - Necklace, H&M

And now I'm offf to IBIZA!! xoxo



Jeans, Cheap Monday - Shoes, Converse - Shirt, Isabel Marant - Blazer, Zara - Bag, World Family Ibiza

Finally, my first ice cream of the year! Totally dressed in white and red I went to my favorite Italian ice cream place in The Hague. By the way how beautiful are the red flowers behind me?

I'll post more info about my internship in paris later! 



Pant, Dries van Noten - Shirt, Zara - Jacket, BeJade - Necklace, Marni - Bag, Wayuu Taya - Sneakers, Isabel Marant - Sunnies, Ray Ban

Sorry I didn't blog for so long, but I was hopelessly looking for the perfect internship in Paris. I found it and eventually got it :)!!!! And to reward myself I bought a new pair of Isabel Marant sneakers. What do you think of my Jungle fever look?


Bacardi 150 years

Last weekend I went to Bacardi 150 years. It was such a awesome party! These pictures were made by photographer Reinier RVDA. Thanks to Bacardi for the great night and the best Mojito's ;)


Karma of Charme

Leather short, Episope - Boots, Karma of Charme - Belt, Hippie market (ibiza) - Blouse, Monki - Bracelet, H&M - Sunnies, Ray Ban

Yesterday I told you that I rather go to Ibiza. But unfortunately it's not possible, so I brought some Ibiza style to Amsterdam. Okay seriously, I've a new  obsession with Karma of Charme. What do you think of these boots? I love them, it feels like I'm walking on clouds..



Coat, H&M trend - Blouse, Zara - Necklace, H&M - Jeans, Zara - Bag, Lanvin - Hat, Vintage

Amsterdam I love you BIG TIME! But hopefully I'm gonna leave you as soon as possible for a more sunny place like Ibiza. However I wanted to let you know that I love you for the time being...