Short, Forever21 - Sweater, Zara - Loafers, Zara - Bag, Balenciaga - Sunnies, By RetroFuture 

Today I was wearing my new studded shoes from zara that I bought yesterday evening, combined with shorts and an easy white sweater. So you see basics are going well togheter with eyecatchers. 

Tomorrow I'm flying to Paris with my dad to visit some appartements! Let's hope I'll find a nice one where I can stay the next 6 months. The only thing I really need in the appartment is BIG FAT CLOSET! 


Amante Beach

Short, Zara - Top, Vintage - Sandals, Prada - Beach bag, El chiriquito Beach Club - Sunnies, Ray Ban

So I had the best lunch ever at Amante Beach, it's such a beautiful place. I love the atmosphere around this beach club. Around my wrist/hand I wear a thing (does this thing have a name?) that I've bought on the Hippie market Las Dalias. When you go to Ibiza you definitely have to visit this spot, but ssssssttt it's our little secret! 



Leather short, Episode - Gilet, Superfine - Sneakers, Isabel Marant - Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana 

Just another morning in Ibiza town. We had a lovely breakfast at a place called Croissant show where I had the perfect omelette and fresh juice! And now I'm going to Amante beach. Happy sunday to you!  


Tanned and white

Boots, Karma of Charme - Blouse, Zara - Short, Zara - Hat, Beach Club El Chirinquito 

I'm already three weeks in Ibiza (time flies when you're having fun!). Finally my legs are tanned so I can wear my white Karma of Charme booties and tonight these boots bring me to Pacha "party hardy". Can't wait to dance! For all of you have a nice weekend wherever you are.. xoxo


INSTA life

My week on instagram - lizzyvdligt. Enjoying Ibiza big time :)!
Hasta luego, xoxo


White lace - Ibiza

Lace dress, Ibiza - Bag, Wayuu Taya - Short, Zara - Sandals, IOANNIS

These Pictures were made yesterday before we went on the boat to a really nice place for lunch called: Es Xarcu! Today I'm chilling at home with a bigg ass hangover because last night I went to the openings party of Don't let daddy know at Privilege (every sunday). xoxo



Some instagram (Ibiza) shots! You can follow me @ Lizzyvdligt



Short, Dept - Shirt, Chaeser - Bag, Zara - Shoes, Converse - Sunnies, Prada - Necklace, H&M

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