Pre - Vogue Fashion Night Out

Leather Jacket, Gil Santucci - Shirt, Vogue Paris - Skirt, Zara - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Tadaaaaa there it is, my very first fashion blogpost from Paris! I'm so happy to be here!! First things first when I arrived I bought a Vogue and I love this years Vogue Fashion night out t-shirt. I can't wait for Vogue fashion night at 06'09'12. Monday I'm starting my internship and I'm so excited. Now getting ready for another fashionable night out in Paris! Au revoir! ;)


Vintage shopping

Dress, Vintage

Hi everyone! 
Yesterday I finally arrived in paris and after unpacking boxes and suitcases it was time to check out the area. O Gosh there are a lot of cool vintage shops around, one of them called  "Les Georgettes" where I bought this amazing dress. If you want to see more vintage, paris, shops, Lizzy, bullshit, shoes and clothes you can follow me on instagram - lizzyvdligt.


Rain or sunshine, girls gotta look good ;)

Faux fur jacket, DKNY - Blouse, H&M - Leather short, Episode - Boots, See by Chloé

Happy saturday everyone! I hope you're having an amazing day. A nice post for you to enjoy. It's raining cats and dogs in Holland so I thought this jacket would be great for today's post ;) It's my new fury DKNY jacket that I received from netaporter. Combined with some rock'n roll SeeByChloe boots to spice it up. There are a lot of music festivals in Holland today and even though you're clothes will probably get dirty there, you can still look gorgeous in the pouring rain. So a style tip for the  party animals: Buy that grandpa looking Poncho at the entrance and buy it in blanc (see-through) and combine it with some nice pair of rain boots. This way you can still put that cute top on without getting drained. I hope that this tip is of any use. Now I have to get back at packing, that's the downside of having so many clothes and fashionbibles. Almost going to Paris. 3 days to go! Woohoo :)



Short, Zara - Shirt, Blue Blood - Blazer, Zara - Shoes, Martin Margiela

I have some new best friends, and tadaaa here they are, my new Martin Margiela shoes!! So happy I came home from Ibiza and these shoes where waiting for me in a wonderful box! :) As soon as I came home I went on a shopping trip with my little sis for her bday and also bought myself this new beautiful blazer. Now getting back to packing all my clothes and stuff, Can't believe I'm still not done with packing! But in a few weeks I will blog all my new outfits from parissss, Au revoir! 


New haircut

Blouse, Zara - Short, Levis - Bag, Lanvin - Sunnies, Ray Ban - Bobby Sneakers, Isabel Marant

I finally got a haircut, I cut off about 10 inches! Cutting my hair after something like 6 years of super long lengths was really a BIGGGG deal. But I was very happy that I did it. Now I'm really ready for Paris! What do you think of my new haircut? 


bye bye Ibiza

Lace pants, Vintage - Sweater, Lauren Moshi Beverly Hills - Hat, Las Dalias Market - Sunnies, H&M - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Hi there, 
I know it has been a while but I was so busy preparing myself for paris, The photo's are from my last morning in Ibiza, The photo's were taken just before I left for Amsterdam! I'm in love with this lace pants I'm wearing on the pictures, it gives me that amazing Boho x Classy feeling I love! Now I'm going to pack the rest of my stuff for my big journey, because yes I'm moving to Paris! Can't wait! :)


Ibiza town

Leather short, Episode - Shirt, Zara - Bag, Alexander Wang - Loafers, Zara - Necklace, H&M

Today is my last day in Ibiza! I'm gonna miss it so badly but I'm so excited to go to Paris as well. This morning I went on my last ibiza town summer shopping trip, and bought this amazing Alexander Wang bag! So happy :) Now I have to pack my bags and lets hope al those extra shopping kilo's will fit into my suitcase and for all of you enjoy you're fabulous summer. 



Dress, H&M - Bag, Wayuu Taya 

Dear fashion lovers,
Yesterday I went to Cap Des Falco to see a beautiful sunset, It's the place to be when you want to have a romantic diner or to enjoy the sunset with a glass of champagne, I'm wearing my H&M bright colored dress and my new Wayuu Taya bag, I love this boho style and thank god its also the perfect ibiza style, I only have three more days left in Ibiza before I fly back to Amsterdam, For all of you enjoy the end of you're summer! :)


on the road

Lace dress, Dolce & Gabbana - Sneakers, Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers - Sunnies, Ray Ban - Bracelets, India

Yesterday I was wearing my favorite Dolce & Gabbana dress that I've bought on the ByDanie vintage sale last season. I love to wear all white when I'm tanned :). By the way the 30th of September and 1st of October there will be a second edition of the ByDanie vintage sale. Have a lovely sunday you all!!



Skirt, Zara - Bag, Balenciaga - Shirt, Zara - Boots, Isabel Marant - Sunnies, Ray Ban

Taaaa'daaaa there are my Isabel Marant bootiessss and I'm so Happy de Peppy :). These boots were on number one of my wish list. Actually they are a little too warm for this weather, but what the heck I'm seriously in shoe heaven! 



Skirt, Zara - Shirt, Zadig et Voltaire - Boots, Karma of Charme - Sunnies, Vintage

As you know I'm still in Ibiza but I must confess that I start missing my closet in Amsterdam. I wish I could take my entire wardrobe in to the plane...


bullet proof!

Short, Levi's - Blouse, H&M - Shoes, Zara - Gilet, Superfine - Sunnies, H&M

Hi Fashion Lovers,
I must admit that I'm totally in love with my new heels from Zara,  I love the studded back of the heels. Tonight I'm going to have diner in a very nice restaurant and this is the outfit that I'm wearing, What do you think? Hope you have a wonderful night as well! 


Hello Ibiza

Sunnies, Gucci - Necklace, Zara - Sandals, Prada - Playsuit, Gaia

Hi there, 
Im back from searching apartments in Paris, so hello Ibiza! 
Happy to be back in the sun with my friends and family. This is the outfit I wore to a family lunch at the beach, what do you think? 

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paris part deux

Skirt, Zara - Loafers, Zara - Bag, Balenciaga - Sweater, Zara

Just another comfy look that I wore to walk around Paris :)


Dans Paris

Sweater, Kenzo - Pant, Zara - Bag, Balenciaga - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Hi there,
I went to Paris with my Dad to visit some apartments, the weather wasn't like it should be but that didn't stop my Dad and I from having a wonderful time, like always in Paris. I put on a comfy outfit to check out al the apartments and I think I found my new home for the next coming 6 months. The only thing really important to me was that the apartment had a big closet where I can put my new Isabel Marant sneakers and all my other clothes en shoes. Now flying back to Ibiza to enjoy my last few weeks of summer. For all you fashion lovers out there, Enjoy you're summer!