Paris Fashion Week

Dress, Dolce & Gabbana - Faux Fur Coat, DKNY 

Today I dipped my toe into the fashion week world, all dressed up as an ostrich I went to beautiful Jardin des Tuileries where the Victor & Rolf show was going to take place. It was such a happening, photographers running around like hunting cheetahs trying to catch the perfect shot while the crowd was posing like crazy to get their one second of fame, surrounded by people who had no clue whatsoever of what the hell was going on with all the people dressed up like in my case an ostrich;). Conclusion: Perfect day, perfect ambiance. More coming soon! 


Rocking the streets

Sleeveless jacket, Gil Santucci - Pants, Isabel Marant - Shirt, Isabel Marant - Hat, Zadig et Voltaire - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Ok, you guys are all so curious what the next pictures are going to look like and actually I can’t continue teasing you after all the positive reactions on yesterday’s post. You deserve to see them and to be honest; I suck at keeping secrets ;) Tadaaaa!! Today I’m rocking the streets of Paris! Crossing the street is no problem here but look out for little boys on skateboards; they look cute but in reality they’re dangerous ;). You recognize the jacket I’m wearing? It’s my Gil Santucci jacket without sleeves, I zip them on and off from time to time :) Enjoy your evening and more pictures are coming soon, I promise!! Salut, xxx Lizzy


Paris je t'aime

Whoehoe!! I received the photo's that Lotte van Raalte made last week. There are more to come but you've always got to start with a little teaser ;) You can see me in my white vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress checking out my balcony view and wearing my Isabel Marant shirt playing "mirror, mirror on the wall". For all those who are wondering how it feels to live in Paris.... I AM IN LOVE! Paris je t'aime... 


Isabel Booties

Shirt, Isabel Marant Etoile - Pants, Isabel Marant - Bag, Givenchy - Boots, Isabel Marant

Hi everyone!
So I finally got my credit card back and after doing some laundry, as you might have seen on Instagram, I went out for some shopping. I bought these super sparkling disco pants at American Retro. Unfortunately, the pants are a bit long so before I can wear them I will have to find myself a tailor. Hopefully soon it's going to be disco time at my blog. But let's discuss my outfit of today. My new Isabel Marant boots, I'm in love! For all you Isabel Marant lovers, there is a hugh collection at Enjoy the lazy Sunday evening, I'm off for some Thai diner!! :) Bisous



Suit, Chanel - Bag, Chanel - Beret, H&M Divided

Bonjour tout le monde!

I have some good news!!:) You guys remember I mentioned the photo shoot that was taken at my house last week… Well, Lotte van Raalte
took some photos of me as well! Lotte is a friend of mine who has a degree in photography and is working for this great photographer Duy Quoc Vo. She was so kind to take some pictures of me in a couple of outfits. I’m going professional ;) I have received some previews and it looks soooo good, I can’t wait to show you. But for the moment, I only have this picture. I’m wearing my Chanel suit and Chanel bag, very classy don’t you think… I hope the rest of the photos are coming asap and in the future I want all my blogpictures to look like this. You can check out Lotte her website for other beautiful pictures and information That’s it for today, enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for these new photos which are coming soon! Salut


White on White

T-Shirt, Zoe Karssen - Skirt, H&M - Bag, Givenchy - Shoes, Dolfie

Aujourd'hui, il pleut a Paris . And it looks like it's going to stay this way for the coming week. That means I will have to exchange my summer collection for sweaters, scarfs and other fall items. But before I surrender to the rain I can rejoice you with, probably, my last summer post!



Bonsoir mes amis! 
Life in Paris is treating me well. Only recently, the pictures I took with Instagram are automatically posted on my blog. But for those who have missed this, I made a little compilation of what I have been up to in the city of love. Although I have only been here for three weeks, some important people have already taken time to visit me. My sweet baby sister, bottom right, hopped by with my parents and only one week later my cousin Nicky and her mother came over. As you can see I had a lovely night out with Nicky!! We went to Bagatelle, a really fancy outdoor "club" just outside Paris centre. Something I haven't shared with you guys yet... There was a photo shoot taken at my apartment for the Dutch Elle. They were looking for an authentic French place to do the shoot, guess what... My place was exactly what they were looking for!! The photos, you can find in the November edition of the Dutch ELLE. Please be so kind to buy one for me too ;) For those who want to be the first to see my new outfits or other photos, follow me on Instagram: lizzyvdligt!! Bisous!


parisien chic

Coat, French Connection - Blouse, LIMO Denneweg 19 - Hat, Zadig et Voltaire - Pants, Superfine - Boots, O.X.S Vic Matie - Bag, Celine

Bonjour!! The last couple days the sun wasn't really shining in Paris but that wasn't a problem for me, I finally got to wear my new jacket :) My grandmother came to visit me and she brought the perfect present; these amazing winter-boots which I found at They are super comfortable and so shiny! Last night I went out to showcase, I had a blast with my girls until I took the taxi home and I found out my wallet got stolen :( I was so angry I threw my phone against the wall and it's broken, pffff what a day. What is even worse is that I saw so many cute things I was planning to buy this weekend, but without a wallet that is pretty impossible... Hopefully I will receive my new debit card coming week so I can go shopping again. Imagine yourself in Paris without money, it feels horrible!! A bientot!! 



Jumper, Guapa fashion - Short, Levis - Boots, Sendra - Bag, Balenciaga

Sorry I forgot to brush my hair this morning. But these things happen sometimes! Now I'm going to take a quick shower because I go to a fabulous restaurant in "Le Marais" (well I hope it's fabulous)!


Early Birds of LA

Skirt, Mango - Poncho, Early Birds of LA - Blouse, H&M trend - Hat, H&M - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Here in Paris it's lovely weather but sometimes a little too cold to go outside without a jacket. So this poncho from Early Birds of LA is perfect for this weather and for a nice boho look. Have nice evening you all!!


Lady like

Skirt, Zara - Blouse, Zara - Necklace, Zara - Bag, Balenciaga - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Yesterday I was wearing my Zara skirt that I've bought last year. I don't know what it is, maybe it's Paris but I'm really into skirts these days.. 


J'adore paris

Dress, Vintage - Shoes, Paul Warmer - Leather Jacket, Zara

Paris I love you!


The army jacket

Army Jacket, Episode - Tshirt, Isabel Marant - Jeans, Forever21 - Studded Loafers, Zara - Bag, Alexander Wang

Okay everyone is curios about my internship and asking me what i'm going to do. Well tomorrow is my first day and when I got all the information I'll make a big "internship" post. Deal?!? 
That's all for now, Paris and I are going for a coffee ;)