Happy Halloween

Sweater, Isabel Marant - Skirt, Vintage (india) - Boots, Karma of Charme (here

Bonsoir mes amies. Ca va ce soir? Tonight is Halloween in Paris and because everybody is free from work tomorrow it promises to become a crazy night. I’ve already seen people dressed up as witches, zombies and other scary outfits. Not really fashionable but fun anyway ;) Putain!!! It is still so cold and that reminded me of the good old days when the sun was still shining in the city. Therefore, I decided to post some pictures that have been taken earlier this year and I could still walk around in a skirt. Besides, the pictures are beautiful and I cannot keep these for myself. Thanks to Lotte van Raalte again!! Tonight, I’m going to the restaurant I told you before; La Panfoulia. If the food tastes as good as the restaurant looks cute, I’m up for a good night :) I wish you all a scary evening!!! Au revoir 


La Seine et la square de l’Hôtel de ville

Coat, DNA (similar here) - Sweater, Alexander Wang (here) - Blouse, Monki (similar here) - Skirt, Zara (here) - Hat, Zadig et Voltaire (here) - Boots, Vic Matie (here)

Besides shopping and being cold last weekend, I decided I was in need to wander around Paris for a bit. I really enjoy these kinds of adventures because you always end up exploring places you otherwise never would have found. I started at the Seine where I came across these adorable authentic stands stuffed with all kinds of French books and magazines. Just like the vendors, the books appealed to be rather old;) But cute anyways!! I continued following the Seine to see where it let me as I discovered un petit parc with an astonishing view. After enjoying the view for some time, there was something familiar that caught my eye. This gorgeous Dutch carriercycle, or “bakfiets” as we call them in Holland, that had been transformed into a tiny shop. The proud owner told me he bought the bicycle in Holland to start up this little business in selling tartines, coffee, soup, cold drinks and more. “Tartines en Seine” can be found at square de l’Hôtel de ville and is definitely worth a visit, especially when your Dutch!!  My journey continued as I headed back to my favourite shopping arrondissement; le Marais. I got to explore a few, to me unknown, vintage stores as I stumbled upon “La Panfoulia”. This two-floor restaurant, which I instantly fell in love with and planning to visit for dinner tonight or tomorrow:) All this walking got me cold and tired. Luckily, I was wearing thé perfect fall boots that kept me warm and going otherwise I would never made it to the Sandro store to buy the tiger jacket!! Buying that jacket was the cherry on the icing and I decided to go home to heat up with a hot cup of tea… What a lovely weekend! My mother is coming to visit on Thursday, I can’t wait!! Bisous Lizzy



(ph: ELLE oktober 2012)

Bonsoir! After the holidays I bought this ELLE magazine at the airport. Not just for fun this time... This Dutch ELLE contains the editorial that was taken earlier this year at my apartment in Paris. It looks nice, doesn't it? Hereby, you all can see a little of how I'm living in my Parasian palace ;) The amazing styling was done by Venus Waterman and the beautiful pictures are taken by Duy Quoc Vo with help from my friend Lotte van Raalte. It was really nice to meet the crew behind these lovely pictures and I think its so cool that my apartment is to be seen in ELLE magazine. Enjoy et bisous!!


Le Tigre

Jacket, Sandro (similar here) - Shirt, Blue Blood  - Pants, Prada - Boots, Isabel Marant (here) - Beanie - H&M (similar here and here)

Salut! It's weekend and I'm loving it. This morning, after some well deserved sleep, I went out to hit les rues de Paris. Brrrr, it was cold. Although the sun was often shining, the autumn breeze kept me awake and running. Sometimes I got so cold I just had to run into a shop to heat up or maybe that was just an excuse;) Anyway, it paid out! When I walked into Sandro I ran into this amazing jacket that I have been dying to buy for some time. Le tigre is finally mine :) It's easy to combine and create a tough look but it also looks great while wearing it under a nice warm jacket or with some neat pants or boots! Coming from Bonaire, I haven't been able to adjust to the fall weather but it does make Paris look even prettier dan before. The trees are slowly turning red and yellow, people on the terraces are drinking hot chocolate to keep themselves warm. It all just looks so cosy! For now I'm off to meet with some ladies, Parisian girls, to practice my French. Bonsoirée et à bientôt! xxx


Denim & Supply

Jacket, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (similar here) - Jeans, Zara - Clutch, Zara - Boots, Isabel Marant

Bonsoir! As you know, I'm back in Paris and it seems I haven't been away at all. The sun has been shining the last days. Hopefully it will be the same this weekend so I can enjoy it in one of the beautiful parks before Paris turns into fall. The jacket I'm wearing in these pictures I bought at a new Ralph Lauren store in The Hague, which only sells clothing from their Denim & Supply line. Don't you just love it?? It's kind of vintage and believe me, this wasn't the only thing I adored at the store. If I don't have to work on Friday, I'm going to check whether the April/May store opened. If it is, I'll be there until closing time!! I will let you guys know ;) Enjoy your week!! xxx


Holiday summary

Shirt, Zara - Bag, World family of Ibiza - Sunnies, Dolce & Gabanna

Bonsoir tout le monde! I just arrived in Paris after 10 beautiful days of Bonaire. I hope the jet lag ain't going to kill me tomorrow morning because i've to get back to work again. Enjoy these pictures, see them as a small summary of my holiday! Bisous


Colourful heat

Dress, Roberto Cavalli - Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana

Hi all! So here it is, my “first” fashion post from Bonaire. It is so hot out here; I had no time to take off my dress before cooling off;) As you can see, everything is so colourful and that makes the appearance so cute to look at! You really get a happy feeling by just walking around, I totally recommend you all to go visit Bonaire some day!! Tomorrow I’m going for my second dive and I hopefully get to see some turtles. Saturday I’m flying back to the Netherlands, that’s going to be a shock again :S Enjoy your day, I’m going for a swim. Bye xxx


Island life

Bag, Wayuu Taya

Hi you all! Last days on Bonaire have been amazing, it feels so good to rest in the sun again. I wish I could live on an Island like this for the rest of my life. However, I might first teach the people here some things about fashion because that is nowhere to be found ;) Today I went scuba diving and was hoping to see some turtles. No luck in finding them today but maybe on Wednesday when I’m going for my second run. Like I mentioned before, I was planning on doing nothing here but to relax. Believe me, I’m still on schedule! For the moment I’m enjoying my pina colada while the sun is vanishing into the ocean, what a joy! Next post I’ll show you guys some more fashion, I promise! XXX


Don't worry, be happy!

Fake Fur Coat, DKNY - Leggings, H&M - Shirt, Zoe Karssen - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Hi!! I’m so exited because in a few hours a plane is taking me to the sun! Last days in Paris I worked my ass off to finish a deadline that I managed to accomplish, so I deserve some vacation! What I am going to do? NOTHING! I’m planning to sit on my but all day, zipping fruitshakes while staring at my fishing rod… Some relaxation will do me well and I’ve got all the time in the world to figure out what to wear and buy the coming months ;) But don’t worry, I might not be working but I’m still blogging! So keep an eye out for the coming beach-posts and if I’m able to catch some fish I won’t hesitate to show you!! Ciao xxx


It's disco time!

Pants, American Retro - Bracelets, Cooee - Knit, Zara - Bag, Lanvin - Jacket, Episode

Like a true John Travolta I'm showing off my disco pants, finally!! It was glitter and glamour time in The Hague last Sunday morning. This weekend was very nice back home and I got to see most of my friends and family! You see the bracelets I'm wearing, they are from Cooee. I was especially attracted to the shackle, don't you just love it? I mentioned before that I had probably posted my last summer post of the year but that's not the case. I'm leaving to Bonaire coming thursday for some days of sunshine and relaxation. However, first some more days of work to finish here in Paris...  Bonsoir!! Xx

Ralph Lauren Fringe Jacket

Jacket, Ralph Lauren - Dress, Alexander McQueen - Bag, Lanvin

Hi! Looky-look what I found at my home this weekend. This jacket belonged to my father from around 30 years ago. However, it's mine now :) Had an amazing weekend back home but to be honest I'm happy to be back in Paris again! 


Who’s that girl? It’s Liz!!

Jacket, Vintage - Sunnies, H&M - Blouse, Zara - Jeans, Patrizia Pepe - Sneakers, Isabel Marant - Cap, New Scotland

Salut! Since fashion week is over and most enthusiasts returned home, Paris seems quieter than a couple of days ago. Everything is back to normal again. Therefore, as promised, another post of pictures taken by Lotte van Raalte. I’m wearing flared trousers as you can see. I really rediscovered this style for myself again and I’m loving it. The cap, I bought at a store in Paris. Make sure, when you wear a cap, that you bring a straightener because after wearing this for more than an hour you won’t be able to show your hair in public anymore ;) The vintage jacket I’m wearing I bought in Bangkok. As you might have noticed, I’m really into vintage and they have so many cute stores. Maybe you guys know some cool vintage stores in Paris that you want to share with me? I cannot believe that I’ve seen them all but I would love to!! My next post will most probably have a Dutch flavour over it because I’m taking the TGV back home to spend the weekend in Holland! That’s it for now, enjoy your day and make sure you follow me on Instagram; lizzyvdligt!! Au revoir et bisous


PFW - Shoes

Bonsoir! During one of my fashion exploring adventures on the Internet, I found these beautiful pair of legs (kidding, but they are mine) among some awesome street style pictures of Paris fashionweek! I have no regrets whatsoever buying these boots and as you can see, I'm not the only one who's enjoying them... For now, it's hamburger time! Bon appétit XX


Jumping around Paris

Sweater, Isabel Marant - Pants, H&M - Bag, Givenchy - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Hey you! The last couple of days have been exhausting! I have been running around Paris to visit as many shows as possible, what an amazing experience. Photographers everywhere and I've seen and met some of the coolest bloggers of this moment. That's why I deserved a relaxing day off which I spend with one of my friends, Lisa. In these pictures you see me wandering through le Marais and although I've been living here for 6 weeks now it never gets boring! Enjoy et bonne soirée!! xx