Fairy tale

Knit, Zara - Skirt, Zara (similar here) - Boots, See By Chloe (here) - Clutch, Johnny Ramli (here)

Sometimes it’s better not to look for things in order to find it. Often I’m walking around Paris looking for a nice spots to take pictures and I end up not finding it. Today was different. And different is good :) Just around the corner from where I live I saw a small sign. It said that in this tiny passage I would find a shop to fix my umbrella. I don’t even have an umbrella, but who cares. And that’s how you end up finding a beautiful, fairy tale looking, and true Parisian passage. xxx


Black kicks ass!

Jacket, Zara (here) - Blouse, American Retro - Bracelets, Cooee - Spikes, H&M - Pants, H&M

Bonsoir mademoiselles! Excusez-moi for not posting anything last week but I've got a million things on my mind and too little time to actually do something. This look reminds me from back in the days when I was around 15 years old and really into the punk/dark look. A tough chick, only wearing black clothing. And I still do but in a totally different way now. I do wonder, do you think spikes are still wearable or is it passé?! One thing is for sure, black still kicks ass!! Bonsoirée to you all!! XxX Liz


Blue & Black

Jacket, Zara (here) - Knit, Isabel Marant Etoile - Bag, Chanel - Jeans, H&M Trend - Hat, Zadig et Voltaire (here) - Boots, American Retro (here) - Bracelets, Juli Dans Juwels (here)

Bonjour! Tout vas bien? Monday evening, I got invited to visit a book signing at Dior situated on Avenue Montaigne. The book is written by Francis Huster and is called "et dior créa la femme". When I have improved my French, I will read it ;) It was an amazing night and I got to meet a French actress which I have never heard or seen off. She told me that once she was one of the bond girls, probably in that one movie I didn't see... Anyway, these pictures have been taken last weekend. New are the bracelets from Juli dans juwels. I really like them. They have an adorable Christmas collection, perfect as a gift for your mom or friends. Or just for yourself :) And I fell in love with this blue fence, haha! See ya!! xxx


It's so white and furry!


White fur coat, Zara (similar herehere & here) - Sweater, Zara - Bag, Chanel (here) - Jeans, H&M - Wooden sunnies, Proof (similar here & here)

C'est lundi. The weekend is already over, what a bummer! In the weekends I finally have some time to do what I actually want to do. I enjoyed my evening going out and during the day I discover Paris, take pictures and go shopping. Stupid thing is, a lot of my favorite shops are closed on sunday. Can you imagine how much stress I have on Saturday ;). I have to get back to work before I get fired, haha! xxx


Fancy shopping

Jacket, H&M (similar here & here) - Sweater, H&M - Pants, Zara (similar here) - Scarf, Zara - Booties, Isabel Marant (here) - Bag, Souve (here) - Drinks, On me ;)

Oui, oui, je suis ici! Today was a free day from work so I decided to walk around for a bit. On a lazy day like this I normally put on sweatpants and a slobby sweater but here in Paris you never know who you might come across. Even a short visit to the supermarket is worth looking awesome, thumbs up if you agree :) Maybe Isabel Marant does her groceries here as well, you never know... Furthermore, I had no clue what I was looking at but I do love the photo;) Salut! X


Big & Comfy

Blouse, Topshop (similar here) - Sweater, Moncler - Metallic leather jacket, Ferré (similar here & here) - Jewellery, Juli Dans Jewels (here) - Shawl, Marie Y Levi (here)

Bonsoir, bonsoir!! Sorry that I've been away for a bit! A lot of things have kept me busy the last   week. I have been to the Netherlands again. You probably all think I suffer from homesickness but I promise you this is not the case. The people who follow me on Twitter already know what I'm talking about. Earlier this year, I was asked to do the styling for Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau for a Beau Monde shoot in Milan. This shoot got nominated for the annual Beau Monde cover award which was held last monday. BAAAMMM!! We won!!! I had a really nice evening and I hope to get to do some new styling very soon. I also got to see my baby sister again, as you can see we had a lot of fun :) I wish we could be locked up together in this shawl forever. Actually, I'm really glad I got this shawl because it's so comfy and big and it will keep me warm whatsoever. xxx


Paris Chic

Coat, Zara - Jeans, Forever 21 (similar, here)  - Blouse, American Retro (here) - Hat, Vintage - Bag, Chanel (here) - Shoes, American Retro (here)

‘allo ‘allo tout le monde! Slowly but steady I am evolving into a credible Parisienne I believe.
The locals treat me as if I was born here. Everywhere I come they all start a conversation in French and when I reply in English they look at me as if I am crazy. They just won’t believe that I am not from around here. Maybe it’s my appearance or the way I’m dressed. However, I tend to see it as a compliment. I guess I am doing pretty good adapting to become a mademoiselle. I must say; the French way of dressing is starting to take control of me. French brands as; American retro, Maje, Sandro and AprilMay are definitely my favourite at the moment. Paris chic, or French chic, style is just so beautiful and diverse. A French chic look to me is neglectful but cared, yet it shows class. I love it! And for as long as I can, I will express it! Stay classy ladies;) Bisous!!!


Le Tigre part deux

Jacket, Sandro (similar, here) - Sweater, Wildfox (here & here) - Metallic Jeans, Zara (similar, here) - Studded loafers, Zara (here & similar here) - Bag, Alexander Wang - Beanie, New Scotland

Joehoe, I'm back! Le tigre part deux because I will never be done combining my new favorite jacket with other outfits ;) This time I want to show you that it can be easily worn with a sweater underneath. So even in wintertime, I'll be able to let the tiger out! I wonder how many "le tigre parts" there will follow. To be clear; it is not just the tiger what makes this jacket my favorite... The fact that this bomber jacket is both tough and feminine is also a great part of my love for it! x x x


Turtle neck

Knit, Isabel Marant (similar, here) - White shirt, Zara - Pants, Ros-w Lab (here) - Shoes, Karma of Charme (here)

Salut! I have been looking for the perfect turtle neck knit for quite some time now and I finally found it. This one will definitely get me through wintertime :) The pants I got from my aunt by guapafashion, isn't it lovely? When you combine them with red shoes like I did, you can easily create this bohemian look which I believe always looks nice. Red shoes, red skirts, red jacket.... I think I just decided my new favorite color ;) The shoes in these pictures are by Karma of Charme, they just revealed their new collection and it is worth a look beyond any doubt! I'm hungry as hell, but did not make it to the supermarket in time today so I'm out for dinner! Be back soon xxxx Lizzy


U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi…

Leather Jacket, Zara (here) - Top, Cos - Skirt, Kiliwatch Paris -  Bag, Zalando (similar here) - Sunnies, Prada (here)

Good afternoon to all! Last days have been really great. My mother arrived Thursday and we got to spend some quality time together. I just dropped her off at Gare du Nord and I miss her already :( Last week, a colleague of mine told me about this store called Killiwatch. After looking up the address, I found out it was only 5 minutes away from my house. What is 5 minutes for what might be an amazing store?? I decided to visit :) Killiwatch, or Hippymarket as it also called, is a store with vintage and normal clothing for men and women. The clothes are of great quality and there is a lot to choose from. I found a cheerleader skirt, which I thought, was really cute. However, when and how am I going to wear this…. I bought it anyway and I found my way to wear it. Do you like it? I’m cheering my way through Paris now: You ugly, yeah yeah, you ugly!! Enjoy your weekend!! Bisous