Clutchy Clutch

Coat, Etro - Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana - Shirt, Maje - Clutch, American Apparel - Shoes, Dsqaured - Earrings, Bodes & Bode

Joehoe! How are u? I'm doing just fine, really enjoying my days off. I finally have all the time in the world to do what I want. Do you know that sometimes things you buy are actually destined to have different purpose... Take this blue clutch for example which I bought at American apparel. I think it is supposed to be something to put your laptop in however the first thing I thought about when I saw it was; "that makes one cute little clutch"! And so it becomes a clutch ;) You know, being creative and changing destinies of products is what makes fashion fun and original! Go out there and change the world!! Bye xxx


April/May makes my day!

Jeans, American retro - Shirt, April/May - Blazer, April/May (here- Bag, Valentino (here) - Earrings, Bodes & Bode 

It's the most wonderful time of the year, as they sing in that song I can't remember the name of. Well, has it been nice for you all? Did you eat so much that you swore to yourself you will be eating nothing but crackers for the rest of the year? I had a great Christmas with my family. It's so nice to be together just talking, eating, laughing. Christmas is really about enjoying each other's company. Oohhh and the presents!!!! I must have been a real good girl this year because Santa has been extremely nice to me... As many of you probably have seen I got myself those beautiful Chanel espadrilles, I mean Santa got me those :) He also got me an iPad and I am hooked. I have been walking around the house with this new toy glued to my arm. I am doing my posts and all using this brilliant thing! Last but not least, Santa must love fashion as well or maybe he secretly follows me on my blog because he knows what kind of clothing Lizzy likes!! My new jacket from April/May! Isn't it just lovely?? Clothing from April/May always make my day!! And what do you think about the earrings? Do you like them on me? Well I hope you al had a great time! You will be hearing from me again soon! XXX Lizzy


My very own Christmas gift!

Beanie, American Apparel - Coat, Sandro (similar herehere) - Shirt, Zara - Jeans,  Zara - Sneakers, Isabel Marant - Bag, Valentino (here & here)

Hello you! Are we al ready for Christmas? Did you ask for the perfect presents? During my present hunt yesterday I got myself into problems again. I found two shops in my neighborhood which are super adorable. When I was actually supposed to buy gifts for my family I ended up buying this coat. I could not say no to this one and to be honest, I didn't want to! Combined with my new green beanie from American Apparel I went to Twinkie for my last petit déjeuner francais of 2012. In about a hour I will be sitting in the train back to the Netherlands for Christmas holidays with the family. I hope you all have a great time and I wish you all a lot of fun with whomever you are celebrating Christmas with! Keep an eye out for pretty bloggers part 3. Bisous and hastalavista XxX



Hello everyone! 
Get ready for part deux of my favorite bloggers at the moment. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it?!?! xxx

This cool 'surfer girl' who is part of the platform of creators of desire has an amazing style. She combines her outfit using brands like Alexander Wang as well as Supreme. Her minimalistic pictures always look perfect. 

Soraya stole my heart with her printed dress she wore at Paris fashion week. From that day on I started following her. The shoppings she posts on her blog are beautiful and inspiring.

 Traveling in between 3 cities, she always surprises me with her beautiful, professional looking pictures. For some reason it always seems she is at one of the most adorable places on the world. Besides, she shows to have great eye for detail. No outfit is standard and her influence in this is really inspiring.

This is one of the twins from Twinfashionblog by Natalia & Nefeli. Both girls posting their own styles on this blog. In the picture above you see Natalia.  

This arty girl is definitely very different from all other bloggers I look at. Her pictures are not just about fashion but show to be more dark, almost like art. If you want to see something new, go and visit her site and get surprised!


Colour up my life

Hat, H&M - Dress, Zara - Coat, DNA (similar here- Bag, Valentino (here & here) - Shoes, Isabel Marant (here- Necklace, Marc Jacobs

Salut to you all! I hope you are all enjoying the listing of my favourite bloggers so far? Later on this week, I will be posting the remaining parts but today is about Lizzy again. Representing myself is important in this fierce world of blogging ;) I was checking my latest posts the other day and I noticed a lack of colour in my clothing. All outfits I have been wearing lately are mainly black, or dark colours combined with black. Just to let you know, I am not depressed or anything ;) The thing I have with black and dark colours is, it represents class and it creates a neat look. However, I decided it is about time to colour up my life. From now on, my future purchases will consist of bright colours! That is why, for this blogpost, I took out one of the most colourful dresses from my closet to set the tone! I know I am still wearing black but the dress is a start ;) BTW, the necklace was a birthday gift from a long time ago. You see, fashion is timeless! XOXO Lizzy



Hi everyone! A first on because normally I don't do this. Lately I was checking my bloglist and figured there are so many cool blogs I just have to share with you. The coming week I want to show you, in three parts, my favorite bloggers of the moment. Maybe you know them, maybe you don't but these are the girls I like to check out from time to time! Enjoy!! 

Betty is a French girl who besides her beautiful outfit pictures also loves to share the environment she visits. Her cute appearance makes me want to get back to her blog. I do have to use google translate in order to understand what she is writing about but I hope within two months this won't be necessary anymore! 

Besides a cool blogger she is also a trendy young mother who tends to surprise me all the time with her great sense of style. Born in the Netherlands but momentarily living in London, we share the same kind of expat life ;)

I know Liza from way back before we both started blogging. We both shared a great amount of passion for fashion from an early age and developed this into our own styles and blogs. I would describe her as a tough looking, grunge kind of blogger who shares whatever she thinks is interesting.

Evangelie owns a closet which should make all girls go crazy. I am super jealous of her beautiful collection. A true inspiration! For more Evangelie, check her out on Instagram where she shares even more fashion.

First of all, the legs!! I hope to wake up one day with such long beautiful legs like Camille. She keeps surprising me with her voluminous outfits. However, the simplicity of her looks is also something to admire! 


show off the spiky bag

Jacket, Sandro - Jeans, Current Elliot (here & here) - Sweater, Zara - Bag, Valentino (here & here) - Boots, See by Chloé (here & here)

Salut! Today I finally have been able to show my new bag off in the streets of Paris. I have been shining all day long, I'm so happy with it! Do you see the handlebar with spikes?? I can use that to defend myself from strangers who try to attack me or steel my bag ;) The glasses that I'm wearing I bought at a vintage store this morning. I'm thinking about wearing it all weekend, I figured to think positive so maybe the sun will return to Paris... The hat is not mine but my brother's, he bought it here at le 66 conceptstore yesterday when he was here to visit me. You will be hearing from me soon!! Enjoy your weekend! xx


Me and my imaginary twin sister

Coat, Moncler Gamme Rouge - Sweater, Cos - Hat, New Scotland - Jeans, Zara - Sneakers, Isabel Marant

Joehoeeee!! Ca va tout le monde? The other day I was walking down the streets of Paris when I saw someone who looked exactly like me. I had to blink my eyes twice, I couldn't believe it... This must be my long-lost twin sister who I was looking at;) I realized this was not the case. Anyway, she could be out there somewhere, we will never know... I guess another Lizzy would only mean trouble. Imagine two fashion freaks fighting over who gets to wear what and when all day long...  Enough day dreaming for today, It should be better if I would get back to work!! Salut and say hi to your imaginary twin sister for me! xxxx


Sister love

Coat, Zara (similar here) - Jacket, Sandro - Shirt, Zara - Jeans, Forever21 (here) - Boots, Isabel Marant (here) - Bag, Zara

Bonjour! As I told you all before, the weekend is for resting and doing stuff I love to do. Spending time with my sister is one of those things :) She came and visited me some time ago. When my sister is around there is no time to rest. We have been walking around Paris the entire weekend chatting, laughing and just enjoying each others company. Baby sister wasn't the only visiter because she brought her good friend Maxim, who took these amazing pictures. Visits do come to end and I miss her company already. Soon we will be reunited again;) Sister love for ever! xxx


Boyfriend’s sweater

Beanie, Marie Y Levi (here) - Coat, Zara - Sweater, Deus (here) - Leather pants, Zara (here) - Shoes, Zara (here) - Bag, Givenchy (here & here)

Good morning!! I guess a lot of you have the same problem as I have almost every day… I wake up not knowing what to wear. I can stare at my closet for hours without deciding what is going to be my outfit for that day. It is killing me sometimes. My mother would tell me that I have too many clothes but I would disagree, that’s impossible;) However, don’t worry because I have the perfect solution for that. You can always steal the sweaters from your boyfriend! Off course they are a bit bigger than usual but at least it is somehow like wearing something new. Besides, oversizing your outfit is still allowed and when done in the right manner it can create a super cool look! So ladies, sneak into his closet and find yourselves an outfit for today just like I did! Bisous!!


My friends

Sweater, Isabel Marant (here) - Boots, Karma of Charme (here)

There is one day in the week that everyone, all over the world, is supposed to rest. What a great invention this is! As I mentioned before I like to call this day; lazy Sunday. It is a day where you wear your most comfortable outfit and do as little as possible. For me, comfortable means that I don't have to change anything about myself when I decide to go outside. Therefor, these booties from Karma of Charme and me are such good friends;) I always have cold feet, I am a true koukleum as we say in Dutch. However, these "friends" keep me warm whether I am being lazy lying on bed or outside walking around. That is why I want to recommend you all to find your "friends" as soon as possible and spent all Sundays as you're supposed to do! xxx