Lizzy V.D Ligt

People’s Avenue


I’m very proud to announce my very first sustainable collection I’ve designed together with People’s Avenue. Sustainable? Yeah, definitely sustainable! The collection is fully made out of biological products, and the whole production is part of a fair trade market. The idea to change the world by supporting sustainability and fair trade

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Hi there! Can’t wait for Spring to come. And also cain’t wait to share that I love love loving my pink top from Edited the label! If you are looking for that perfect pink thin turtleneck, look no further. This is THE BEST top ever. It is so soft and has the perfect fit. I

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Hello there! Hope you’re all doing fine! It’s finally getting colder in Amsterdam, I know a lot of people don’t like the cold but I actually do. I love to wear scarves, hats, gloves and a lot of layers. But for this outfit I choose to wear a super comfy suit from ONEPIECE

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