Lizzy V.D Ligt



Hello Sunshines! For the ones who follow me on Instagram saw one of these pictures already but I thought it was time to post the rest on my blog. Because this is one of my favorites looks, so bright and cheerful! Zoe Karssen did a hell of a good job on this pants right?

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Vogue <3 Nike Cortez


Together with Vogue, Nike, Afterdrk and Nicole Huisman we shot these awesome pics for the relaunch of the Nike Cortez sneaker!
Sabrina (Afterdrk) behind the camera “CHECK”, Nicole Huisman overall styling eye “CHECK”, Me just a crazy banana girl “CHECK!”
We thought it was nice to combine the shoot with some old school polaroids

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NYC diary


For the ones who follow me on Instagram know that I visited New York City 2 weeks ago! I had such a great time with my family and just wanted you to show som left over pictures from my days in Manhattan! Enjoy, kisses!

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High Culture | #1 Bootcamp op Hakken


Wiehoeeee!!! I can finally announce that I got my own online show in collaboration with Makerschannel! Unfortunately for my international followers I speak Dutch. Sorry no subs but still hilarious! Watch and (don’t) learn.
In High Culture word ik uitgedaagd om in bijzondere designer kleding de gekste opdrachten te doen. In de eerste aflevering ga ik

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Last week I met two awesome people from the U.S. based brand Reef. My boyfriend and I showed them our beautiful city Amsterdam. We had a delicious breakfast together at Coffee and Coconuts at the Ceintuurbaan and after that we shot some pictures for this blogpost. We finished our

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