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Hi There! How’s life? I’m actually doing really good! For those of you who have been in Ibiza know that the old part of Ibiza is really beautiful. There are tons of little cosy streets with restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques and many more. Even a lot of places are closed during this time of the

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Hi there! How are you all doing? Last week I’ve been to Copenhagen to visit the beautiful Ganni Fashion Show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. It was such a nice experience! The day after I spend some time in the city, Copenhagen really looks a bit like Amsterdam it’s not that big and has the

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  So finally my big ibiza diary is online! My family and I spend Christmas & New Year’s eve here which was super cozy. It’s so nice to be all together during these days! Even when it’s not super sunny in Ibiza, there is so much to do and there are so

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So most of you know that Ibiza is a sort of my second home, my big love and a place where I always feel happy! Even during the winter it’s really nice to be here, it’s not super warm but it’s perfect to have lunch outside and to wear a in-between jacket or just

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A very good morning this morning. How are you doing today? Getting ready for the Christmas holidays I imagine… I’m almost going to my parents in order to celebrate Christmas with the family the coming days. Anyway, first things first. I didn’t even share these pictures I took when I was in Miami some

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I can’t get this city out of my mind! Cold or not I love it and I am seriously thinking of going to NY for a few months to discover the entire city. For now some last shots which were taken in Cetral Park. More posts which were shot during my stay in NY and Miami are following. So

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