Lizzy V.D Ligt

Every Colour Please


 A girl can never have to many bags right? This is something I for once totally believe in. So in my case I would love to keep this red beauty all to myself but he sharing is caring. So for now I am gonna give away this red beauty

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As New Year 2015 begins, here are some of my beauty favorites. Let’s start with the white nail polish this became a hit during the warmer months of summer, and stuck around even during the winter season and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Some of my favorite brands, like Chanel, OPI, Lauren B

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Good morning everybody! How are you doing today? I feel like sharing some beauty products with you today After my shower session in the morning or evening I always put on this amazing hydrating cream by Carita. I buy this cream at tour of beauty in The Hague which is a lovely beauty

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Hi there! How are you feeling today? Do you also have that Monday feeling? Happy it’s Tuesday already I decided to add a little sparkle to my blog. How? By posting a week diary like this. It’s just a small compilation of pictures plus explanation of what I have been up to last

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Jacket, ByDanie – Scarf, Karl Lagerfeld – Beanie, I Love Mr Mittens – Denim, Zara – Sneakers, Nike – Bag, Valentino

Hai there! With a tiny hangover I got up this morning to have a relaxing day. I’m a list girl, meaning I like to make myself a list

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