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Outfit - Esprit

Well finally Spring has arrived and the weather here in the Netherlands is getting better and better. And what ladies goes together with nice weather? A new wardrobe 😉 I got these super cool items from Esprit which I absolutely love. Wearing this bold jumpsuit with a sweater on top, it’s perfect for a stroll around my neighborhood.

Esprit got this amazing new campaign wear everybody has the chance to be part of it. Maybe you guys remember last seasons campaign #ImPerfect? Well this season they took to another level with the #ImEsprit campaign which is about individualism and your own statement. So mine is #ImAmsterdam because I’m from Amsterdam and I’m super proud to live in this amazing city! I love to travel the world but Amsterdam is my home and the place were I feel safe. How can you be part of this? Well you only need to upload your photo and your statement. And if you need some inspiration please check out the campaign site (here). Let’s be all part of this cool campaign.

Love, Lizzy

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  • Jolien -

    Wat een mooie, relaxed look!

  • Grace -

    Love that look, would never take those comfy pants off again!
    Have a great day!
    All the best,
    xx grace from

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