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Hey there denim lovers!

You all know how denim is an essential part of almost every outfit. Some good denim items are some of the most important basics for every season so therefore I have something really cool coming up next Wednesday! Levis and I teamed up again. This time we are organizing a super cool project where you can PIMP your old Levis in order to get ready for the upcoming festival season. Levis created a new tailor corner in their store where you can do whatever you want with your old denim. How cool? So ladies and gents if you want to personalize your old denim during this tailor workshop with me leave your email in a comment and we will see each other on Wednesday 27th of May. The workshop starts at 18:30 till 22:00.

I’m going to bring the jacket I’m wearing on the photos. You can bring denim shorts or a jacket or any other item you may want to pimp. Mine definitely needs something extra for upcoming festival season.

So how you can join this amazing workshop:

1. Leave your email in a comment on instagram or my blog.

2. Don’t schedule something on Wednesday evening! 

3. Bring your old Levis and lots of inspiration! 

PS. I will also give away some festival tickets 😉 So you can show me how you were wearing your pimped Levis by using the hashtag #LevisTailorShop


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