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Pillows, Rough Rugs (here)

Hey you! How are you feeling today? It has been an awful day today, weather -wise. From the moment I woke up until this very hour it has been raining outside. Days like this mean that you have to entertain yourself indoors. The perfect way of entertaining myself on a day like this is by searching the Internet for inspiration and pimping my house :) In my opinion it is really important that my house looks good and welcoming. Magazines, candles, cute pillows, all are necessary to create a cozy vibe. Don’t you just love it?? I got these pillows from Rough Rugs and I think they are A-MA-ZING!! They have a great collection of colorful, trendy pillows and they are a huge asset in making my house a warmer place. For those of you who can’t wait to get yourself a couple of these… it’s your lucky day! Visit and enter the code lizzy in order to receive an incredible discount of 30%!! What are you waiting for people?? Enjoy your night! xxx  
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