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Dubai - Emirates

Hi there! Hope you are all good.  I went on a trip with the Emirates to Dubai to discover the city in a different way. So I wanted to share with you these photo’s from those 2 days in here! We stayed in a beautiful but huge JW Marquis Marriot hotel and our swimming pool as you can see was surrounded by insane skyscrapers and it looked so cool! We had so much fun during these 2 days and saw the most coolest things ever. We have been to: Sole DXB which is an enormous urban, sneaker festival and we been to the art district where all the gallery’s are located. And maybe the most important 😉 Dubai has amazing vegan lunch places like: Comptoir 102 (After lunch you cab shop here as well, they have amazing brands like: Isabel Marant etc Super French) Can I please go back?

Thank you Emirates for this wonderful trip! Hope to see  you soon, Dubai! L O V  E

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