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Did you ever feel like falling down a rabbit hole and ending up in a wonderful place, a place where you never want to leave? There are a few places in the world where my rabbit hole leads to, one of those beautiful places is Ibiza. I absolutely love everything here, especially the people and fashion. When I’m on Ibiza I feel like Alice in her wonderland. The rock and roll mixed with hippie vibe of the island makes me never want to go back home.
But hey, sometimes you just have to go back to reality and back home. Luckely when I get back in the Netherlands the new Alice in Wonderland, “Alice through the looking glass” hits the theaters so I really look forward to get lost in the madness of the movie. Do you want to go as well? I can give away 2 tickets so you too can get lost and dance with the mad hatter!

Now in the movie theaters, check out the trailer here!

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  • Marle -

    Ah zo’n geweldige tas! Ik begin de LV tassen steeds mooier te vinden met alle Twist Lock varianten!

  • sophie -

    love your blog!

  • Love that jumpsuit, it looks amazing with the red LV !

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