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Helle there!
For you who follow me on Instagram, saw that my boyfriend and I visited Best Kept Secret Festival together with Bershka last weekend. Best Kept Secret Festival is a huge festival + camping in the south of the Netherlands.
When we arrived we immediately saw many people walking with tents and all the things you need for a weekend full of partying and camping. It looked like so much fun! too bad we could only stay for one day. We walked trough a beautiful forest right between all the tents and party people, straight to the party area where al lot of people where dancing and listening to the great music. It wasn’t like any other dance festival, it was more a live music, band orientated festival. I really discovered great new musicians and live acts. And there was one thing that really got my attention and made me happy! The food court! They had so many great little restaurants and choices, I mean, have you ever ate a lobster at a festival? That’s what I thought!
Together with Bershka and Philippe the photographer we explored the area, different stages and cute hidden places with swings between the big trees. The funny thing was that my love Yuki Kempees and I already got snapped by the photographer before we even met him, because he liked our style before he knew that we were the people that he had to hang out with the evening.
I was wearing a super cool bomber and a slip-on dress from Bershka. This bomber with on the back No More Excuses is one of my favorites. They also have one in red 😉
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  • Marle -

    Geweldig, dat sjaaltje om je enkel!

  • Wat zie je er geweldig leuk uit Lizzy! Ik heb zo’n zelfde soort jurkje en die bomber ook besteld. Zo leuk!

  • Looks amazing! What beautiful pictures too!

    Love, Lindsey

  • sophie -

    you look so good! really inspiring!

  • Carmen -

    Ziet eruit alsof je heel veel plezier gehad hebt! Leuk :)) x

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