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Pictures - Dan Zoubek

Hi There!

Hope you guys are all good! I just came back from a super cool trip to Berlin. I was invited by Liebeskind Berlin to design my own bag in collaboration with them. Seriously how cool is that? Three lovely other bloggers and I had the chance to design out own bag which will be in stores in February 2018. I know that takes some time but it’s going to be AMAZINGGGGG..

Together with a designer of Liebeskind Berlin we designed all 1 bag. Our “It Bag” and mine will be on fire 😉 It was so much fun drawing and playing with different fabrics and pieces of leather. Cant wait to see the first prototype! And the bag of the other girls! This will be one of the coolest things ever.. So I will keep you in the loop if we know more about this coming project! Hope you like this, kisses! Lizzy

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